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This document describes the General Terms and Conditions that govern the Internet sites of the Community.

Terms and Conditions​

These terms and conditions, hereinafter the “Requirements for use”, govern the access and use of all the websites of the Interactuo Community, in this case “” as defined in point 2 below and its applications, functions, products and services, hereinafter and collectively “Advertising Seo Sites”. Interactúo is the owner of the property of the Site, of all the contents of the Site, of its programs and products and of all the intellectual rights related to the Site. The Usage Requirements constitute the contract between you, the User, hereinafter the “InterActor”, Interact and the Community. You consent to the Service Use Requirements by accessing or using the Site. If you are not willing to agree to the Terms of Service, do not access or use the Site.

InterActor: Is the natural or legal person who accesses or uses the Site. The words “you” or “yours” or “yours” or other similar words refer to the InterActor.

Business: Refers to the enterprise, trade, company, profession, industry, etc. registered by an InterActor in the directory and that enjoys publicity, positioning and/or recommendation on the Site.

Interactúo: The words “we”, “our”, other similar words or “Interactúo” refer to the Interactúo Community, a company incorporated in the Argentine Republic. Content: Means products, services, texts, figures, images, photographs, sounds, video and any other form of data or information. “Your Content” and “InterActor Content” mean content that you enter on the Site or transmit through the Site including any information that you display as part of your account or profile. “Third Party Content” means Content made available on the Site by anyone other than Interactúo or the Interactor User, such as data providers that license Interactúo for use on the Site. “Interactúo Content means Content made available on the Site by Interactúo, “Site Content” means all Content that is made available on the Site, including Your Content, User Content, Third Party Content and Interactúo Content. Products: These are the marketing units that Interactúo offers to Users and third parties through the Site.

These Service Use Requirements are written in Spanish and may be translated into other languages ​​if necessary. Any case of inconsistency between the versions in different languages ​​will be resolved according to the Spanish version.

Interactúo may modify or update these Terms of Use at any time. The modifications will be valid and enforceable as soon as they are notified through their publication on the Site. To keep up to date with changes, You should review these Usage Requirements periodically. Any modification will be accepted by you from your access to the Site. Interactúo may discontinue or terminate the Site at any time without the need to justify cause, without the need for prior notice, without this meaning assuming responsibility and without giving rise to claims.

Certain personalized uses will require you to open an account with Interact on the Site and provide information about yourself in order to use some of the Site’s features. It will be a condition to be able to open an account on the Site that you (a) have not previously been suspended or removed from the Site by Interactúo; (b) is not a direct competitor of Interactúo; (c) you do not have more than one Interactúo account and (d) you have full capacity to accept these Terms and that this does not mean a violation of any other agreement to which you are a party. By using the site and the services provided by Interactúo, you agree to uphold the values: Respect, Empathy, Integrity, Excellence and those that you promote in your publications. You will be responsible for keeping your personal password secret to access your account and for all actions related to it. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. We reserve the right to close your account at any time without giving cause, without prior notice, without liability and without giving rise to claims. There are two types of account:

InterActor: It is an account for exclusive personal non-commercial use. Opening a personal account will require you to provide us with accurate and complete information about yourself in order to support your credibility as a contributor to the Site. You will not be allowed to provide an e-mail address other than your own, accounts with false information, or for someone other than yourself, or create multiple InterActor Accounts.

InterActor Business: It is an account only for the purpose of publishing your business on the Site. When creating or updating a Merchant Account you must be the owner or authorized representative of the business and must provide accurate and complete information about yourself and the business you represent, as well as the values ​​you promote. An email address other than your own or creating multiple Business Accounts will not be accepted.

Access to and use of the Site is permitted subject to these Usage Requirements. Accessing the Site may expose you to Content that is objectionable, offensive, indecent, inaccurate, or otherwise inappropriate. Such contents are foreign to Interactúo and Interactúo cannot prevent or guarantee that they are introduced on the Site. Therefore, you access the Site at your own risk and responsibility.

It is used when an InterActor registers a Business in the directory for free or joins the ConUnidad Interactúo.

It is important that you take into account that if you register a Business for free, you will not have any support from Interactío.

If you join the ConUnidad, an advisor will be available to help you when you need it. The subscription to the Community must be paid monthly in advance by means of deposit/transfer, Paypal, Skrill or Mercado Pago in advance.

Interactúo will provide the services according to the specifications established in the detail of the different Plans or Comprehensive Solutions.

In all cases in the face of user complaints and/or any other information, allow the possibility of doubt regarding the transparency of the business in terms of commercial attention or offer, mistreatment of InterActors, lack of respect, lack of commitment in the response , lack of Integrity, Interactúo reserves the right to terminate the Plan and/or Service without prior notice. In such a case, the InterActor will not be able to request compensation of any kind, nor will they be returned retroactively as mentioned in point 4.

The e-mail address that the Interactor provides to Interactúo may be used to send commercial or promotional communication, either by e-mail or any other equivalent means of communication. The User gives consent for such communications. However, the User can revoke the consent through the link that you will find in each newsletter delivery.

The link devices that appear on the Site (links, banners, buttons) are intended to inform the existence of other sources of information and make it easier for InterActor to search for and access such information. We also try to provide up-to-date, transparent and correct information. However, said devices do not mean a suggestion, invitation, offer or recommendation to visit such sources. For this reason, Interactúo is not responsible for the results obtained through said links nor for the information of other contents that facilitate said links or other directories or content search instruments. However, making it clear that it is not our obligation, we will always be willing to help InterActors to resolve any inconvenience caused by the use of this Site and the InterTratos created in the Community.

You agree that you will not use the Site or collaborate in the use of the Site by another person, nor will you request and/or contract Interaction Services to: Violate the law, regulations or the Use Requirements. Sell products of dubious origin, illegal material, or with copyrights, copies, etc. Threatening, intimidating, defrauding, inciting, harassing, insulting, embarrassing, offending or in any way interfering with other users’ use of the Site. Transmit forced or otherwise unsolicited advertising (“spam”), chain letters, contests or sweepstakes, obscene or offensive information, chain sales, surveys or other mass messaging, whether commercial or otherwise. Create a conflict of interest, such as negotiating information or commercial qualification with other company or business owners or creating or promoting the creation of misleading information (“shill reviews”). Manipulate information results (“keyword spamming”). Maliciously promote social, racial, religious, political, sexual or other discrimination or harass social minorities. Violate intellectual property rights, privacy, confidentiality or secrecy. Transmit pornographic information or in any illegal way. Modify, adapt, reproduce, distribute, translate, create derivative or adapted concepts, publicly display, sell, trade or in any way exploit the Site or Site Content. Analyze in reverse process any portion or section of the Site (“reverse engineering”). Remove or modify any copyright, trademark or other right notice or legend from the Site or from material printed or copied from the Site. Record, process or appropriate information about other users. Use any device, process or means to access, remove, boot or index the Site or Site Content (“robot, spider, site search/retrieval”). Access, remove, or index the Site for the purpose of building business information databases.
Reform or distort any portion or section of the Site. Carry out any action that imposes or at the discretion of GuiaLocal may impose an unreasonable or disproportionate load on the technological infrastructure of the Site. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, user accounts, systems or networks connected to the Site through hacking, unauthorized use of passwords, passwords or any other means; use the Site or any Site Content to transmit computer viruses (“viruses, worms, Trojan horses”) or other similar harmful means, use any device, program or routine that interferes with the proper working of the Site, make excessive traffic demands , use the Site to violate the security of any computer network or computer system, crack security keys, passwords or encrypted codes, interfere with or damage the security of the Site or Site Content, remove, circumvent, disable, damage or in any way interfere with the Site’s security features or devices that prevent or restrict the use or copying of the Site Content or devices that enforce limitations on the use of the Site.

Interactúo may use Your Content in a variety of ways, including, for example, displaying it on the Site, reformatting it, incorporating it into advertisements or other features, creating derivative features, promoting it, distributing it, and allowing others to do so in connection with their own websites or other media. (“Other Media”) always with the purpose of promoting its dissemination. In that sense, you irrevocably grant us your authorization to use Your Content for any purpose. You also irrevocably grant your permission for users of the Site or users of Other Media to access Your Content in connection with their use of the Site or Other Media. At Interactúo we are committed to using responsibly and under the values ​​that we promote its content.

You are solely responsible for Your Content and assume all risks associated directly or indirectly with Your Content. You solely assume all liability to third parties if Your Content violates or impairs the rights of others. You exclusively assume all responsibility towards Interactúo and assume the obligation to immediately and satisfactorily indemnify Interactúo for all claims of any kind by third parties that are caused by your access to the Site, your use of the Site, Your Content or your breach with the Usage Requirements. Interactuao may at its sole discretion remove or modify Your Content if it violates our guidelines or policies. Interactúo is not obligated to provide you with copies of Your Content or to guarantee its privacy. Interactúo may display advertising and other information adjacent to your content without your being entitled to compensation for it.

Interactúo makes the Site available in the form in which it exists and with the risks that it may imply. Interactúo does not guarantee or assume responsibility for any consequence of the use of the Site by the InterActor User or by third parties or for the Content of the Site, Third Party Content or Interactúo Content or for damages that InterActor or third parties may suffer. In this sense, Interactúo does not assume responsibility before InterActor or against third parties for direct, indirect, efficient, incidental, punitive, consequential damages, loss of profits, moral damage, or damage to image or reputation. In the event that the InterActor does not have full de facto or de jure capacity, they must not access or use the Site. Interactúo will not be responsible for any consequence that may derive from the access or use of the Site by Users who are in the conditions of this clause.

Interactúo does not guarantee or guarantee or assume responsibility for the identity of the InterActor User or the veracity, validity and authenticity of the data and information that the InterActors provide about themselves, about other InterActors or that they make accessible to other Users. In case you want to report missing information of a Business you can “Report” from the button provided for this purpose in each SEO Advertising Site.

As of September 2022 Interactúo does not use cookies. However, Interactúo may use cookies to improve the service, which are installed on the User’s computer. Cookies are installed when the Site is accessed. The User consents to such use of cookies. If the User does not want cookies to be installed, he must delete them or configure his computer so that he does not receive them. In these cases, the speed and quality of the Interactúo service may decrease.

Interactúo is a company that is absolutely independent from InterActor, the Business and third parties that may access or use the Site. Access to or use of the Site does not create and shall not be interpreted as creating a corporate, associative, business or employment relationship between Interactúo, InterActor and/or third parties.

The Service Use Requirements are governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic. For all Interactúo litigation, the User and third parties assume the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent judges based in Caba, Republic of Argentina.

Privacy Policy

Interacto takes care of your privacy. For this reason, we collect and use personal data only to the extent necessary for us to deliver our world-class products, services, and websites (collectively, our “Services”) to you. Your personal data may include information such as: Name, Address, Telephone number, Email address, Other data, collected that could directly or indirectly identify you. Our privacy policy is intended to describe to you how and what data we collect, and how and why we use your personal data. It also describes the options that we offer so that you can access, update or control your personal data that we process. If at any time you have questions about our practices or any of your rights described below, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) and our dedicated team that supports this office by contacting us at advertising@ This inbox is actively monitored and managed so that we can provide you with an experience you can trust with confidence.

We collect information so that we can provide you with the best possible experience when you use our Services. Much of what you probably think of as personal data is collected directly from you when you: create an account or purchase any of our Services (for example: billing information, including name, address, credit card number); request assistance from our customer support team; fill out contact forms or request newsletters or other information from us (for example, email); or participate in contests, promotions and surveys, apply for a job, or participate in activities that we promote that may require information about you. However, we also collect additional information when we deliver our Services to you to ensure the necessary and optimal performance. These collection methods may not be that obvious to you, so we wanted to highlight and explain a bit more below about what they might be (as they vary from time to time) and how they work: account-related information is collects in association with your use of our Services, such as account number, purchases, when products renew or expire, requests for information, support requests, and notes or details explaining what you requested and how we responded. Cookies and similar technologies on our website are used solely to enable the website to function. We do not use tracking cookies nor do we use third-party cookies. Service usage data is automatically collected when you use and interact with our Services, including metadata, log files, cookie/device IDs, and location information. This information includes specific data about your interactions with the features, content and links (including those of third parties, such as social media plug-ins) included in the Services, IP address, browser type and settings, date and the time the Services were used, information about browser settings and plugins, language preferences and cookie data, information about devices accessing the Services, including the type of device, what operating system is used, device settings, device ID applications, unique device identifiers, and error data, and some of this collected data may be able to approximate your location and be used. Supplemented Data may be received from other sources, including publicly available databases or third parties from whom we have acquired data, in which case we may combine this data with information we already have about you so that we can update, expand and analyze the Supplemented Data. accuracy of our records, identify new customers, and provide products and services that may be of interest to you. If you provide us with personal information about others, or if others provide us with your information, we will only use it for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.

We strongly believe in both minimizing the data we collect and limiting its use and purpose to only (1) for which we have been given permission, (2) as necessary to deliver the Services you purchase or interact with, or (3) as we may be required or permitted for legal compliance or other lawful purposes. These uses include: Delivering, enhancing, updating and improving the Services we provide to you. We collect various information related to your purchase, use and/or interaction with our Services. We use this information to: Improve and optimize the operation and performance of our Services (again, including our websites and mobile applications) Diagnose problems and identify any security risks, bugs, or necessary enhancements to the Services Detect and prevent fraud and abuse of our services and systems Collection of aggregate statistics on the use of the Services Understand and analyze how you use our Services and which products and services are most relevant to you. Much of the data collected is often aggregated or statistical data about how people use our Services, and is not linked to any personal data, but to the extent that it is personal data or linked or linked to personal data, it We treat accordingly. Share with trusted third parties.We may share your personal data with affiliated companies in our corporate family, with third parties with whom we have partnered to enable you to integrate their services into our own Services, and with trusted third-party service providers as necessary to perform services on our behalf, such as: Processing credit card payments Posting advertisements Running contests or surveys Conducting analysis of our services and customer demographics Communicating with you, such as by email or survey delivery Customer relationship management. We only share your personal data as necessary for a third party to provide the requested services or as necessary on our behalf. These third parties (and any subcontractors) are subject to strict data processing terms and conditions and are prohibited from using, sharing or retaining your personal data for any purpose other than that specifically agreed to (or without your consent).

We may contact you directly or through a third-party service provider regarding products or services you have subscribed to or purchased, such as those necessary to deliver transactional or service-related communications. We may also contact you to offer you additional services that we think you will find valuable if you give us your consent, or where permitted based on your legitimate interests. You are not required to provide consent as a condition of purchasing our products or services. These contacts can include: Email Text messages (SMS) Phone calls Robocalls or text messages. You may also update your subscription preferences regarding receiving communications from us and/or our partners by logging into your account and visiting the “Personal Data” page. If we collect information from you in connection with a co-branded offering, it will be clear at the time of collection who collects the information and whose privacy policy applies. In addition, it will describe the choices you have regarding the use and/or sharing of your personal data with a co-branded partner, as well as how to exercise those choices. If you use a service that allows you to import contacts (for example, using email marketing services to send emails on your behalf), we will only use the contacts and any other personal information for the requested service. Transfer of personal data abroad. If you use our Services in a country other than the country where our servers are located, your communications with us may result in the transfer of your personal data across international borders. Plus, when you call or chat with us, we can support you from one of our global locations outside of your home country.

We cooperate with government and law enforcement officials and private parties to enforce and comply with the law. We will disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as, in our sole discretion, we believe is necessary or appropriate to respond to claims and legal process (such as subpoena requests), to protect our property and rights, or the property and rights of a third party, to protect the safety of the public or any person, or to prevent or stop activities we believe to be illegal or unethical. To the extent we are legally permitted to do so, we will take reasonable steps to notify you in the event that we are required to provide your personal information to third parties as part of legal process.

We do not use website analytics involving third parties. If in the future we wish to apply third party analytics to our site, we will first seek your explicit consent and allow you to opt out if you wish by logging into your account.

We do not engage in any type of targeted advertising involving a third party, if we want to do this in the future we will first seek your explicit consent and allow you to opt out if you wish by logging into your account and visiting the “Personal Data” page. Third Party Websites. Our website and mobile applications contain links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of third party sites. Read the privacy policy of any website you visit.

Service Plans

You can create a Seo Advertising Site listed with up to 2 photos in the Community, without highlights, recommendation, advertising and/or support from Interactúo.

You can create a Full Listing Advertising Seo Site + Unlimited Events in the Community. It will have highlights, recommendation, advertising, and customized positioning. It is also possible that we spread your site on our social networks.

You will always have at your disposal an Interactúo advisor willing to help you with whatever you need regarding our Solutions, who will help you do your Business.

Opportunities for InterActors

By sharing Community links you help more people to know us and you contribute to promoting ethical values. In the event that a trader joins the Community through your links, we will assign you Interactúos worth 11% of the ConUnidad plan. You can use the Interactúos to exchange them for Solutions within the ConUnidad. In all cases, it is the business to which you recommended the Site that must inform you that you provided the link to join the Community.