Yoga Chidananda

Yoga Chidananda

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Yoga Chidananda

We present this promising undertaking by Professor Silvina Lorena Rodríguez

With her you will learn about Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices:
He explains that the practices are aimed at the practitioner inhabiting each Asana with an attitude of prayer, uniting movement with breathing, obtaining strength and elongation. He adds that he seeks to Cultivate permanence in each posture, reaping the secrets that it seals.
Each asana is an entrance to abundant physical and psychic benefits, and above all they contain an ocean of symbology that invites us to penetrate the hidden in each person.
From there create a bridge to the SUBTLE.

Detect, observe and transcend our false EGO identification.

He makes a very important clarification: “The practices are intense to generate Tapas, that the purifying fire at a subtle level and physically enter the more careful asanas to inhabit and hold the postures.

To consider all audiences, Silvi decided to open a new Hatha Suave schedule!

It also offers excellent workshops:
Asana Symbology Workshops

It takes place on the 4th Saturday of each month and in it you will learn to put the body in LISTEN
Silvi tells us that each Asana is a Universe that gives life to the symbolic and psychic part of yoga.
There a dialogue takes place between each asana and your Being
Listening to it is part of the way.

Opening the doors to these inner resources is necessary to reach their meaning, enriching our focus on personal practice.

Although the asanas depend on a discipline of the body, they have a mental effect, and this in turn affects the body.

This interdependence must be taken into account. Each one to accept full responsibility for their psycho-affective reactions and the result of it.
Art in Motion Workshop
Yoga & mandala

Silvina together with her friend and partner Romina are creating this workshop and they are going to hold a meeting per month, in October, November and December!

Be attentive!


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